Into the ivy

Into the Ivy, the new acoustic-focused project from “The Voice” contestant and Alabama native Jordy Searcy, is imbued with a gentle urgency. His voice the embodiment of yearning, the elegant, soaring songs speak to the heart. 

Into the Ivy came to be after a chance meeting with now producer and co-writer Whitney Dean while teaming up for a show in Florence, AL. Dean was playing a show that night with his duo The Sweeplings (Dean and Cami Bradley of Americas Got Talent), and heard something special in Searcy. The connected immediately, and that chance meeting lead to a new friendship.  

Searcy and Dean decided to find a way to collaborate on a project that spoke to both of their shared passions; acoustic guitar, organic instrumentation, and honest, heartfelt music. “To be honest we kind of threw this project together just to see if people liked it" says Dean. It turns out that when you create music this pure and honest, people do. 

With Searcy’s raw talent and Dean’s familiarity with creating music for TV and film (The Sweeplings have had multiple songs placed on TV shows such as Longmire, The Vampire Dairies, and Pretty Little Liars) it was decided that “Into The Ivy” would be formed with Searcy’s vocals leading the project and Dean producing and co-writing.

Together they have crafted a crystalline jewel-box of a record. Intricate finger-style guitar intrigues but is never flashy, while Searcy’s honeyed vocals lay gently overtop, painting emotion with a nuanced economy of language. Arresting and deeply engaging, Into the Ivy is a debut EP that portends great things to come.

 Photography by Glass Jar Photography

Label: Marrow MP Records